Brand Identity

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Let us help you create a branding experience that will set you & your company apart from your competition.

Logo Design

Let us help you create a logo that not only gives a reflective image of your brand but one that also works well for all your branding and printing needs.

Graphic Design

 First impressions last, so make the right impression first. We deliver expert design solutions with a fresh look that enables you to gain more.


Web Design

Custom websites from a simple design service to large e-commerce stores, we are here to help. If you're looking to add a new website to your business or give your old site a touch-up CAT Productions is your go to. 


Having a brand means nothing if your words don’t jump off the page, grab the eyeballs of your target audience and persuade them to smack the buy button. Want words that do that? Our team got you covered.

Logo Design

A brand is only complete with a design that embodies the essence of the venture. Our team will work with you and develop your idea into a visually captivating logo that will tell everyone what your brand means to you.




There is a lot that goes into cinematography from lighting to composition, but you can leave that to us. We've got this.

Corporate Production

Videos should tell a story no matter the format. Make the story compelling by letting CAT Productions help your brand broadcast a powerful message.

Talent Agents

Need talent for your upcoming project? CAT Productions' vast network can help you in finding talents from amateurs to professionals for your project. 

Online Marketing


Social Media

Having an online presence is important these days. Our team is equipped with the expertise to help your venture stay on track and relevant through research-aided content development.

Search Engine

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Marketing Automation

Not sure where to start? CAT Productions can help you launch effective campaigns that will attract, convert, close, and evaluate your target audience.

Content Strategy


Content Management

Managing content requires a lot of effort to source, create, manage, deliver, and govern which is where we come in. CAT Productions got you covered.

Content Strategy

Producing content for your venture requires a strategy that will use your business objectives and goals as a plan to create effective media. Let CAT Productions guide you.

Content Creation

Want to grab your audience's attention?  Let our team of creative thinkers develop captivating content designed to appeal to your target audience.

Looking for a design agency that gets you?
Work with CAT Productions' team of professionals

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